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Professional-grade heat styling tools purchased from a professional stylist are no joke.

no scar

Try Mederma. It really works.


and what, exactly, is wrong with teenage tramps?


Thanks for the birthday greeting. Looks like a nasty burn, ouch!


I accidentally burned my friend's forehead with a curling iron back in 6th grade. It only scarred a little....


Kidding! It went away completely after a few months or so.


lesson for today...don't curl under the influence.


the pain may bring more dates...guys will probably think it is a hickey and want to get in on the action.


dates...or leeches. or both.

jaime O'Bradovich

zombies are hot

Sarah Buckley

See 1550 hours of beauty school was no joke..... just like your hickey. Oh just tell your Mom you are a teenage tramp. Worst curling iron burn I saw was a on a bride on her wedding day in the middle of her forehead!!! This was not by me! I am a professional. See above.


Yes, it would be a shame to be a tramp you're whole life. Or would it? Besides, you don't look like a teenager anymore. Close, but not quite. As for the other part ...

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