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And for the record I, for one, would love to hear about that ipod playlist.


They're cute, they're reasonably inexpensive, and they'll go with almost everything. What's to debate?


If you're out with me, return; out with anyone else, keep.

(It's the height thing. You don't need to be three inches taller than me.)


just be prepared for the flood of "wow, are you tall...and I'm sure it's worth the climb" pick-up lines.


Keep, or else send to me. Super cute!


cute. I bet they're comfortable too, so just keep 'em.

Sarah Buckley

Only because I have the exact same pair... I fear the rumble we would start.

Peter Pretzer

Keep -- I wanna see the rumble!

Jason D.

Keep. Super cute. Why don't we get to play this game with the lingerie set? Shouldn't have asked that... my wife reads this blog too.


Yeah, Jason, MOM reads this blog, too. Shoes are a keeper, they go with more than the dress. Alexis, can't wait to see you in the parade!



Are you kidding me? Those shoes ROCK! Not just because you have a dress they go with, but they will look great with a plain white skirt, or even with jeans when sandal season starts winding down.

Just for the record: I think that tall women should never be prohibited from wearing heels. Long legs look good in them. Short guys are going to be shorter than you no matter what you do, so they might as well get used to learning how to cope with that fact.


just saw the story in the strib by kate parry. care to comment?

A Noun (is a person place or thing)

Keep. They'll go with more than you realize at this moment. The shoes will lead you...

PS: Is CW ever coming back? Or is it completely over?


I just read thate Kate Parry article in the Trib http://www.startribune.com/161/story/1249165.html

Lame. I like how she stereotypes all Minnesotans as shy sweaterwearing peeps...it is 2007 right?


"A final thought: Does it really take a steady stream of crude sexual double-entendre to get young readers to pick up Vita.mn?"

My answer would be, "yes, if you intend vita.mn to compete in the same market as City Pages and the like. People go to publications like that with the expectation of open and blunt sex-talk in the back columns, and many people turn to that section first.

Kate Parry may have a point about not advertising for a column about outdoor sex in the Sports section of the Strib, but she's being utterly prudish in her gripes about the racy content.


Hardly worth piping in this late in the game, but you should keep those shoes, regardless of how tall they make you. They're awesome!

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