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Oh the high and mighty Strib! I think the trouble here might be that the Strib prefers to fuck its employees indside...and behind closed doors.


I don't really understand her beef. If the issue is the inappropriate linkage on the front page of StarTrib.com, I agree with her. It shouldn't have been there.

What's the journalistic complaint? You said it was an unscientific poll. Indeed, I saw the open topic on vita.mn. Perhaps the word "survey" would have better conveyed what happened, but really, who cares?

Is she saying that you are wrong? That people don't have sex outdoors? In her column she seems to be making the same mistake she accuses you of making. She's relying on her small group of friends (and readers who complained) to justify her assertion.

What would have tighter editing changed? Should you have spoken to a degreed expert in the topic? Consulted statistics? It seems to me, you did a trend piece. Is she saying that using comments from registered users on a website as the basis for an article is wrong? Is it better to stop ten people on Nicollet Mall and ask them? I'm confused.

That said: the byline should have had a second line, vita.mn columnist. And don't sell yourself short, Alexis. To say you're doing entertainment rather than journalism seems wrong to me. Entertainment implies fiction. You're doing trend journalism. The Strib does that all the time.


Ah, the price of fame. I had a fleeting thought when the article came out that I wish I had a ... less distinctive first name. Then again, I'm hardly shy, so why pretend.

The kiddo saw you on one of the billboards when we were at the Kowalski's on Hennepin. He was pretty excited, "Mom, we know someone famous!"


Congratulations on all the publicity, well done. I suspect Kate's rant gives the Star Tribune something to point at when the prudes come yelling. They even reprinted the lady bug cover image, gold!

Keep it coming.

DON Rodent

With a subject line like that I feel totally cheated that there aren't any images in this post.



Kate Parry has a lot of other shit she could be writing about. I'm kind of disappointed she even made a column about it when there are so many other things Strib readers are probably concerned with. No offense, I'm disappointed you took the time to even respond to it too. It's mostly nonsense to even talk about. It's a non-story.

And for her to imply that you won't know that vita.mn is part of the Strib without trying hard to read the fine print? c'mon...

Your ordered list of two items could have been 8 items.

"Whatever," is what I say.



I gave my two cents in your previous blog about the shoes. I'll let me comment there stand (missing closing " mark and all.)


Aaron, it's almost not even worth a response from me, but I think it would be weird if I didn't give one.

But "whatever" is also what I say!

Also, fans of my Mom will enjoy the fact that she asked me today, over Father's Day barbecue dinner, why I didn't interview my own parents for the piece. Gag.


Oooh...I could just see you say, "I'm not reporting the news, Kate," all calm and cool but with just a tinge of "fuck off" for good measure.

I noted, as well, that her big beef seemed to be that, since she couldn't imagine people having sex outdoors, that must mean that it doesn't really happen. Really? Maybe instead of directing a poorly supported column about you, she should be calling up Kersten to set up a coffee date.


You are being admirably mild in your reaction, as she comes off as not only a scold but one whose perspective seems rather limited.

But one service she does perform is to make clear the reason why the Star Tribune started publishing vita.mn in the first place. Judging by her reaction and what she has to say about her paper versus yours, it's clear the readership must overlap very little. And if that's true, then the Star Tribune is secretly celebrating -- since they have achieved what they wanted by beginning the tabloid in the first place, namely to expand their market -- no matter how publicly censorious they pretend to be.


Awesome. I love every single thing about this.


pfft. some people need to get over their fear of the s-e-x word.

Max Sparber

Well, that's the last time I ever have sex on the front page of the Star-Tribune!


How does she critize you're lack of an _unscientific_ poll (let's be kind and assume that's what she really meant) when she herself offers up nothing of the sort to support her claim that this isn't something MN's do?


Wow, you ruffled feathers at both the Strib and City Pages.
My hat, and my pants, off to you madam.

Will you start wearing a red letter "A"?


Kate Parry's story should have not been about Alexis, it should have been about whomever is putting vita.mn's entertainment content on Star Tribune.

The reader criticism comes from Star Tribune readers expecting Star Tribune content, right? Alexis writes for vita.mn. So why is she taking heat for vita.mn content showing up on Star Tribune? Parry focused on the content of the piece being acceptable or not for the Star Tribune when the piece, AFAIK, wasn't intended for the Star Tribune in the first place.

It almost feels like Parry's story is a sly way to drive more readership to both the Star Tribune and vita.mn by exploiting this very minimal controversy.


What a bunch of prudes at the Strib. Talking out both sides of their mouths saying they need to attract younger non-readers to any form of printed news product then receive a couple of church lady-esque comments specifically for the sake of stirring up some forced controversy. Bleh.


Hey, I'm going to the park! With my camera...!


Is there anyone on the inside at StarTribune.com who will divulge the page view traffic from all things related to Alexis' article? I bet the advertising department is busting...er...I mean bursting with glee. Win-win.


Amen Aaron!

“I am a handful, ... He should be able to handle me. If he can't, he's not a very good pimp.”

Sarah Buckley

sex out door sighting.... 18th and monroe under the railroad bridge... maybe not my first choice of location but it is out there and I saw it!!!


Dang, Twilight Zone pinball! I haven't played that since I was washing clothes in a laundromat in Austin probably 6 years ago. Now I got the URGE.


If anyone needs proof, forget polls, see it for yourself, prudes included, goto 300 block of Clifton Ave, Minneapolis, after 1am on any Friday or Saturday night. You will see more sex in cars, sex behind trees, and everywhere else you can imagine, than you thought possible. People drive around and around looking for causal encounters.


In the event you're taking an additional poll: I'm 55; not bought a STrib for 20 years; and, after "closing time"... on the roof of a downtown office building-- before I met your mom of course.


wouldn't it be hillarious if mr.xxx is a cop.

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