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Ahhh, it seems like just yesterday I was helping you turn your site pink. And now..... Twitter badges!


wait until she asks you to move everything over to wordpress


on topic though...

I like the idea, generally. Do you think it would be more helpful as a moblog instead? You could snap cellphone pic of said dress w/ short description, a tweet is fired off with a link to the moblog post.

You know, I never can buy clothing w/o at least seeing a picture first, then if I'm really interested I'll go to see it, face-to-cotton.


Wrong ex-girlfriend, Rex; the pink is part of the template I chose when putting this blog together. Which is why it'll be a challenge to get the badge on here, since I can't edit the template and there isn't a Typepad Twitter Widget.

Paul, my phone doesn't take pictures. Anyway, I don't intend to Twitter about specific items; rather sales and such.



(I was half-joking. I tried to help you change the template once. We learned that there's isn't much changing of the templates allowed.)

Anyway, you might be interested in this, which is basically shopping + twitter:



Hmm, I think I like Stylehive better. You can, actually, add a Stylehive Widget to Typepad blogs, but that would be one more thing I have to actually keep up on regularly. And I'm about to have quite enough of those.


Morgan Wendelborn (meow)


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