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Oh you and your crocodile tears. I did find a nice Nike ipod armband and ipod nano FM transmitter in the TJ Maxx/Home Goods store in burnsville yesterday.

Sarah Buckley

OH MY GOD Har Mar is a dying animal. Seriously I am going home from work today to mourn the end of an era. Ok not really but I am crying on the inside. So sad!!!!


Did everyone find out about that store closing the way I did...by showing up and walking through the retail remnants in bewilderment? Boo.


I'm suing you for the seizure induced by that website.

Those are some hot shoes, baby - and you know I mean it, because you know how I feel about ugly shoes.


The funny thing is that I don't know if you're referring to the graphics on the M.I.A. website or the extremely weird video on the Heavenly Soles website.


I'm not normally a fan of the "peep toe" design, but I do think the shoes you bought are actually much cuter than the ones you were originally lusting for. I like the stacked-look heel and the leather(esque?) trim.


You have the hottest feet on the web. But I think you might need help for the shoe addiction.


I meant the M.I.A. website; pardon my poor aim at the correct comments section.

Geoff, there is no such thing as a shoe addiction, only a highly-refined fashion sense.

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