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thank you Andrew Zimmern and thank you Alexis. those cocktails were sweeeet..perfect for hot summer nights. let me know the next time you feel like experimenting with tropical fruits:)

Sarah Buckley

Hey you are the second person to tell me about this furmanitor did Jessie May tell you about it too??? I have to get one, I am up to my knees in puppy coat being shed.


No, I just spotted it at Petco and asked the groomer if it was worth the price tag. You gotta get one of these things.

Matthew Hegge

We really need one of these, but I did not realize the price! It would be worth it. We have a large fur producer.


Just as good as the furminator (has *exactly the same* teeth), but cheaper - the groomax soft grip shedding blade (found in the dog section).

It is currently working wonders on my incredibly furry, chubby cat.

And only $9.99!

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