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I might spend my whole weekend in a theater. I need to see that movie. 8-year ol' Jeremy's callin' out.


That movie was so awesome, I told the spawn that he has my permission to name my first grandchild Optimus Prime.

Don't tell me he's gonna get beaten up on the playground; who's gonna mess with a kid named Optimus Prime?


The first ten of the "50 things you should never say" list was so pathetically whiney (and mostly made up of easy cheap shots at modern yuppies or other people the writer detests) that I knew not to bother with following the link the rest.

I've never heard of Amir Blumenfeld, but whoever he is, he clearly needs to learn to cope with a world full of people that are different from him. I don't carry a pager or watch NASCAR either, but encountering people who do won't ruin my day.


I definitely just used "that's how we roll" in a post the other day. How embarrassing. I'm gonna keep using that one, though.


By the way, the Prince concert was GLORIOUS!

Not only was he on his game, but both Wendy and Sheila E. showed up. It was like it was the 80s again, except he still had those two sexy dancers with him.

I had nosebleed seats (a birthday gift from a friend), and even from way up there it was a total blast.


And I recently used "bros before hos" in my advice column.

Sappy Doright

I love how you have the finger on the pulse of MPLS. YOU ROCK!!!! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!!! We just cannot wait to finally meet you!!!

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