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Oddly, your friend Ross's setlist has two glaring errors on it:

10.) "Little Red Corvette" (first of an acoustic set with Wendy Melvoin)

That was *not* an acoustic set! Both Wendy and Prince were playing solid-body electric guitars, which I considered a very refreshing change from the usual "campfire" moment that a thousand other rock acts use to pad out their shows.

23.) "Black Sweat" (in an awful new arrangement)

He spelled "awesome" wrong. Black Sweat sounded way better in that performance than the studio recording.


Oh, by the way, the heat may have been making you crabby (as it was for us all - my date that evening also made The Polyester Mistake), but that shade of turquoise *really* flatters your skin. Very pretty!

DON Rodent

It looked like you were eating a bug.




Looks like Kare 11 is doing a story today at 5:00 on Judo Chop Thom.

Bl@ck Coffee

Ha ha. That photo says it all...priceless. Thanks for the minnescene link in your other post. I'll have to keep an eye on things over there.

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