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Rich G.

El Nuevo Rodeo is the locus for reggaeton around here. Conveniently located right next to the Town Talk too.


hey! thanks for the link. Maria Isa is playing at Bastille Day this weekend as well.... ? no?

-AK | Minnescene


Rich: Which night is that and is it still 18+?

AK: Yes, along with these fine performers.

Thom Fan

HA! That video rocks - mostly for the following reasons:

1. Who fucking cares? Seriously. THIS is news? What next? Local oil change mechanic loses filter?

2. Yet another reason to love Temple: They charge almost ten bucks for a beer yet the outdoor seating is plastic folding chairs. CLASS.

3. Thom is my ultimate. His way with words...wow. He truly has the finger on the pulse of the eating scene in MPLS. GO THOM. I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES.

4. Wait. Thom is gay, right? I can't have his babies. But, why are you constantly talking about him? You seem to be obsessed. Poor dear, he's a homosexual.



I had an incident somewhat like the one Tom was involved in about 10 years ago. We had a NYE blowout @ the club in Detroit with free champagne toast @ midnight. 65 year old club owner was there safeguarding his empire & confiscated a full bottle of bubbly from a kid who'd nicked it from the bar. Kid slugged geriatric & terminally pissy club owner and ran out the door & down the street. Owner's terminally bitter son caught wind of it, and chased presumed perp around the corner into parking lot, where he cornered him and commenced beating him into a bloody pulp. Police arrived on scene moments later (precinct HQ was across the street) simultaneously with club owner, who was yelling at his son "that's the wrong guy...that's not the kid who hit me". Owner's son spent the night in jail on assault charges and the wrongly assaulted kid settled suit out of court. Good times.

Rich G.

So far as I remember, it's 21+ on Tuesday nights. But I haven't attended a show there in a while, so it may have changed. It was a hell of a lot of fun at the last one though, and I've heard rumors about some big reggaeton names making unscheduled appearances there.


I keep a calendar of world music events on my site for Radio K International. And check out the show Sunday mornings - coulda been hearing reggaeton years ago!


Thanks, Paul!


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