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Jason D.

Hilarious. My wife and I will also be on Decorating Cents. They're shooting in our Maple Grove estate the second week in October. Yes, we did just have a baby on Sunday. We are idiots. But I look forward to the new family room with less toy clutter, I hope.


Is there an implication here that your living room is in such disastrous shape that it is need of professional assistance post haste?

Or is it just a matter of them turning an already wonderful existing space and making it that much more so?


Nice! I was on FreeStyle in June (filmed Sept. 06), but unfortunately I had to be a pawn of the whole redesign "with what you already have laying around" fiasco. It was staged but fun to experience. Gave me a good kick in the pants to buy my first house, which could really use some decorating love. How's TP recovering?


I am turning 30 in October too! I am going to Vegas to celebrate....


sweet. i thought about applying, but was scared by an episode where joan steffend turned a row boat into a bookshelf.


Earmuffs: Maybe we can switch dates. How are you gonna keep two babies out of the house for two days?

Tim: The living room is clean and organized, just lacking warmth. I have some nice pieces of furniture and the colors are all very neutrally complementary, but I'm not in love with it. Luckily, the designer was totally in love with the space and I'm confident in his abilities.

Also, I have no rowboats lying around.

JP: Thom is doing well. He's taking medications to rebuild his eye socket and still suffering from pain, but he was back to work on Wednesday. Still trying to take it easy, though, which is a tall order for him.

Carrie: ME TOO! When are you going?


Women really come into their own in their 30's, I think. Despite being less well off financially, I don't think you could pay me to do my 20's over again.

Jason D.

Earmuffs, that's classic. I forgot about that. They put us up in a hotel, I think. baby & toddler may go to grandma's house.


That's funny! I can't wait; Oct 18-21. How about you? I have been trying to get an itinerary together but there are so many options...


You are correct... and can you say "older" sister i/o BIG sister


I had my bedroom redone by them in July 2006 and the show STILL has yet to air some 15+ months later. Cy was my designer (love him!) and the finished product looked very was fun.

Here's a link to info on my show:

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