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Ed Kohler

I need pictures.

You know who

Walmart? Seriously?


YES! We need PICTURES! I am going to use the same lotion as you so I can say I have the same skin as the FAMOUS ALEXIS BRADSHAW!!!!

A Noun (is a person place or thing)

I'm still trying to figure out what the "baked goods smell" is, and why it's not desirable. Guys seem to like it when I smell vaguely of cake. I'm not baking them one, though. I'm a pastry tease.


The smell comes from the main ingredient, DHA. I can't figure out how else to describe it, other than "baked goods."


Pale and proud here, baby. PALE AND PROUD!


walmart? walmart? walmart?

walmart is evil

sure, "because they happen to have the lowest prices." !

A non-hater


I'd just like to say that you are a DICK! Seriously, get a life.


Anytime you want to try Costco, let me know. I've got the hook-up there. It kinda breaks my heart that you would shop Walmart.


Before my cousin’s wedding last week and I tried on my mauve bridesmaid dress. I was so pale I almost cried. My friend Karen recommended sunless tanning lotion. I was uneasy about this idea since I’ve had a horrible past experiences with smell and blotchy marks that were left on my skin. Karen offered me a product by Sun Labratories to try. I was amazed at how even my tan looked. No blotchy marks and I no horrible smell. Thanks Sun Labratories you saved the day!

Joe the Dog Lover

I simply keep my pasty skin white proudly.


I normally avoid self tanners and other sunless tanning lotions because of the smell. I did try Adonia Bronzing Glow and found that while it did have a very light smell right after it was applied, it went away within a few minutes. I haven't heard of the Sun labs tanner, maybe I'll give that one a try too.

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