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Don't stoop to his level, but it's time for the veil of anonymity to be pulled back.

We have STILL yet to meet in person, Alexis, but you remain my all-time favorite blogger, and anybody who makes your semi-regular rants less fun for you is sucking enjoyment out of my life, too.

What the hell is that guy's problem, anyway?

Michael Corleone

Two people come to mind: Moe Greene and Hyman Roth. Release the hounds.

Michael Corleone (again)

FYI: I think its BS that I cannot cast multiple votes on the site and cheat the poll. This is not modern democracy!


Could turn off comments for a while, or moderate.


I've really enjoyed reading your blog though I've never commented before ... 'Z's' comments have been pretty annoying for a while now and it's really lame to think someone would devote so much energy into being such an asshole.

David Foureyes

I love this kind of stuff! This dude is a douchebag, set him ablaze.


I do remember asking you about this a couple months back. You can ban their IP adddress from posting.

Ed Kohler

I like taulpaul's idea. Block his IP. He could still post from a different location, but it should slow him down a lot and potentially discourage him enough to move onto bothering other people.

Also, consider dropping TypePad an email. I'm sure they've helped other customers deal with similar issues.


Did you personally ask him nicely? I'm not joking here.


If this doesn't scare him off, I'd be pretty shocked.


Yeah, I'd say this negative attention, along with blocking his IP, would take care of him.

(But I voted for crucifying him)

Axis of Evil

The people have spoken. Link his myspace page.


seems the sicilians are gaining some ground. let's give it a few more hours. although, considering what happened to Tom Pham, hiring a bunch of white thugs to beat ass might not be advisable or joke worthy.


I would just ignore him. He'll get bored eventually and go away.

It is a little weird though that you added the hired beating to the poll...

Account Deleted

Hey Alexis - I have a Typepad blog too. Whenever I get a comment, Typepad sends me an email, so I can delete anything I don't like. Problem solved.


I voted to kick ass....mostly because it is way behind the crucifixion. But, I don't think you need to do either. He's fixated on you for some reason. Maybe because he is jealous, feeling you get all this ink/attention for your advice and opinions because you are a beautiful woman and he is just some feminine dude who thinks he has valid ideas on these issues too....whatever it is, he needs to be confronted so the issue can be resolved. Send in the dogs!


Yeah, the Tom Pham thing was kind of tasteless, but what's the big deal here again? Your mom is worried? I mean, hang the fucker.

Sheep 3

ALEXISNUMBERONEFAN sucks balls. S/he is a total troll and lately even I've felt totally heebee-jeeb'ed out by his/her pathetic consistency. Up until now I figured s/he was affiliated with certain Republican pervert who shall remain nameless (*cough* Tim Droogsma *cough*).

But the apparent gay factor threw a wrench into the theory of Repub. affiliation. But then I thought of Republican Senator Craig... hmmmmmm. Either way: stupid is as stupid does.

I say: out the Piece of Shit. In more ways than one.

Go, Alexis. You are my hero.


If he is sick or perverted your conversation is not welcomed. If he's looking for attention definitely don't expose him. If its the former it should be over. If the later you'll hear from him again and should call me so I can visit(step on his dick) him.

Sarah Buckley

This person is wanting to get this attention. Are you removing their comments? If not start doing that. Let them know they are not welcome to the sandbox if they can't play nice.


I think that friend of yours who sent him the letter two months ago should carry out whatever consequences he threatened in the letter. And we could also have a sort of personal intervention.

Scott McGerik

It's your blog. You get to set the rules of discourse. If you consider his comments unacceptable, I think it is entirely reasonable for you to delete his comments. If he exhibits stalking behavior, I think it best for you to ban comments from his IP address(es).


I have to agree with Scott. If you don't want his comments here, and you want him to go away, then for god's sake, delete! Escalating matters to this level is not only asking for more attention from him, it's BEGGING for it. And really, the comments aren't the nicest, but they could certainly be a lot worse. Derogatory & deprecating? Yes. Stalker? Hardly.

David Foureyes

Did I miss something? Did you bust this guy out or what?

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