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What!? You were like, the only other person I knew who hated cilantro. I feel abandoned.


There are more of us. We are not alone.

Try blanching the cilantro if you're using a recipe that absolutely calls for it. You still get the properties you need but that soapy flavor isn't nearly as strong. There's a restaurant I go to pretty regularly on East Lake called La Poblanita that uses a lot of cilantro, but they employ the blanching trick so I barely notice it. (La Poblanita also makes the b-e-s-t tlacoyos, which can be prepared without chicharron for vegetarians.)


Well, if the recipe absolutely called for it, it probably wouldn't be something I'd be wanting to eat anyway. Plus, I really don't make a lot of mexican food. It's when I order something and it's not obvious on the menu that cilantro is in it that I get annoyed.


feel free to invite me over anytime so I can try some of that...


my wife hates cilantro too, but I love the stuff.

I find this http://www.amazon.com/Lodge-Logic-K13SCRN-13-Inch-Splatter/dp/B00008GKCP indespensible when sauteeing with oils...cuts down on the splattering and ambient misting of hot oil.

I've seen immersion blenders used in commercial kitchens for years, but never thought it necessary for home use. my wife pressed the issue, and now I'm not sure how I ever lived without it. My soups and sauces KICK ASS, and the clean up time is more than cut in half.


I live around the corner from La Pob - LOVE IT! I will have to try to the tlacoyos. What is the pronunciation? I hate to just point.


I'm a veg too and haven't found any good vegetarian Mexican in the Twin Cities. Do you know a place that doesn't put lard in the beans/tortillas, chicken stock in the rice, etc.? If you do, please share! I am dying for some good Mexican that doesn't have to come out of my own kitchen.


Thanks Geoff, I added this one to my Wish List.

Carrie, it spells like it sounds: the "t" is soft but not silent, and the emphasis is on the "coy".

Tara, your best bet is La Cucaracha. People love to argue over its authenticity, but they do use real regional recipes and do so without sneaking lard in the beans or stock in [most of] the sauces. I try to be as strict as I can, but it is really difficult with this type of cuisine. I'm sure you're like me, though, and can immediately taste when something isn't right with your pintos and just leave them alone and pick at the rest of your plate.


"I am dying for some good Mexican that doesn't have to come out of my own kitchen."

Tara...you have 2 best bets:
1) Masa
2) Have me in your kitchen.




I'll disagree slightly with Geoff about Masa. I've dined there twice (drank thrice) and I had extreme difficulties getting the server to get the kitchen to prepare an entree off the all-meat menu. I ended up receiving the same thing both times; a sort of cheese enchilada that was just a chicken-less version of something on the menu at the time.

Looks like the menu has changed since the last time I went though; still no meatless entrees, but you could make a good meal out of the appetizers.


I think I disagree with geoff, too.


I have had drinks at Masa, but I haven't had dinner there since there wasn't much in the way of veggie selections on the menu. It's a cute place though and the drinks are good. I will give La Cucaracha a try. Thanks for the suggestions.

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