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Absolutely infuriating story, and I don't even know the man. Please keep us updated as much as you feel is appropriate.


It sounds like Jason DeRusha will have the story on WCCO at 10pm.

Also, I emailed Liz and asked her to let me know if and how people can contribute to the reward fund. No one at Camp Pham is answering phones, which is understandable.



What is Camp Pham?


I learned about this only yesterday.

I have never cared so deeply for a person who employs me. I consider Thom not only a boss, but my friend. I respect him more than virtually anyone else in this town.

This is where I eat, sleep and breathe. They messed with the wrong group of people, as I know all of us (friends and employees) are strongly behind Thom, and are mad as hell.

I wish him all the best, a speedy recovery and JUSTICE. Somebody knows something. Let's catch these assholes.

Bl@ck Coffee

Poor Guy. Hope they catch those bastards!


I was sorry to hear about your friend. I live about a block away from Tanh Do...so I think I might get some take out tonight!


Hope they catch the idiots who did this to Thom. I've partied a lot thanks to that man and the fruit of his hard work!


i hope this tom who you are so infatuated with dies.




The anonymous ones always are.

I also love the occasional idiotic implications that I'm "infatuated" with one of my closest friends.


I know! I mean, anyone who knows you even a little knows you're a cold-hearted bitch who is incapable of any kind of emotional display short of hate and malice.

Oh, wait, that's me. Except not the bitch part.


Any new news on Tom? Did they ever find anyone responsible for this attack?


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