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Oh, and I already have a hair appointment scheduled for this Friday. So, you know, chop-chop.




Huh, why is the bar in that film filled with chicks? Is it lesbian night or something?

You know you always look fantastic no matter what you do to yourself.


It probably will be more work. It will also be very pretty and sexy. I say go for it.


Weird. I JUST watched this movie (like ten minutes ago) and I felt compelled to cut layers into my weave. And then I come here...girlie hive-mind, no doubt.


I didn't watch the video, but you'll look beautiful no matter what you do...


hot. do it.

Sarah Buckley

You forgot to mention I also said to go for the Kurt Russell
...yummy mullet..


your mom is totally right...but since slutty is this year's black, I say go for it.


You should totally cut your hair and then have an auction to sell your hair! Your fans would pay top dollar for your AMAZING hair! ROCK ON, WONDER-WOMAN ALEXIS BRADSHAW!


As requested by most of the readers of Girl Friday, I just banned the IP address of the above commenter, Zeb Carlson. I also edited all of his comments so that by clicking on any one of his pseudonyms you can view his LinkedIn profile. I figure this way I'm at least saving a few potential employers and clients from hiring a nut case with a screw loose who prefers to spend his workdays harassing female bloggers on the Internet.


I returned a phone call to someone @ [*] just this afternoon and that guy answered the phone...name's too uncommon to be a coincidence.

*[Geoff, I'm sorry, I edited your comment to omit the name of Zeb Carlson's employer.

As much as it goes against every fiber of my being to edit any contributions from commenters on Girl Friday (and I have NEVER done it before), and as strongly as I feel that Zeb should take responsibility for his own actions by standing behind his words, I'm doing so as a favor to my friend Ben. Zeb is repeatedly calling him and swearing that he'll never bother me again if I take out that information. Ben asked me to do it, and he's my friend so I'm doing it for him.

Although we were all hoping that Zeb would just leave me alone because he's been asked over and over again to do so, apparently this is the only bargain to be made.

If Zeb so much as begins to type my name into any public online forum, I'll publish everything I know about him. I am done with this as of NOW.]


Aahh, scaredy cat deleted his profile. Guess it's not so fun when the hunter becomes the hunted?

[Eric, I'm sorry, I edited your comment to omit a link to the name of Zeb Carlson's employer.

See above comment from Geoff as to why.]


Just be careful, please. Internet crazies sometimes can turn into real life crazies. It was obviously some sort of pathological behavior that made old zeb post such creepy remarks.


well that was fun.

hello Google cache!


i forgot to say, "Alexis FTW!"

the bad news: now i'm going to have to call you Alexis Bradshaw.


As long as you somehow include the word "magnets", I don't give a fuck.

David Foureyes

This answered my question from the original post re: Zeb...sorta. heh, seriously though? Zeb?


no worries...I still think you are totally magnets.


"*[Geoff, I'm sorry, I edited your comment ..."

hey, look, it was meant to be innocuous...it's not like I'm posting meth recipe links here.


There's always Friendster: http://profiles.friendster.com/16460440

No mention of his current employer, just that it's a "9-5-kill-me-job." They're so lucky to have him.


Hey, I'd been thinking about cutting my hair too, and the Vanessa Ferlito cut appealed to me. How did it work out for you? Up dos and ponytails ok? High maintenance? Do you have any wave?

Thanks in advance!


i want Vannesa ferlito's hair!

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