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Based on you brief post, I assume you have full internet access via the hardwire configuration. So the problem just appears to be between your computer's wireless card, and the wireless router. if that sounds correct:
1) have you checked the network settings for the wireless adaptor on the computer?
2) have you logged into the Linksys router (via your web browser) and verified the wireless configuration settings are correct (and active). The linksys manuals are usually pretty good at showing how to get going quickly.

If you want to email me more specific trouble shooting info, like how the problem started, in the computer or in the router, etc. I can help more. I assume you are able to see me email address here, but if not, just reply and I will send it to your Personal Touch email address - then you could call too if you wanted.

Matthew Hegge

Resolved yet? I am a professional geek, so if you need help. How old is the Linksys router? Does your laptop work at other wireless locations? (Dunn Bros, coffee houses and alike).


"Good gravy?" Did you actually just use that phrase?


Would you have preferred "good night nurse"?

Thanks for the help, guys. I'm in the process of digging out my router and wireless card info and trying to narrow down the culprit.


"Sweet Zombie Jesus" would have sufficed.

Matthew Hegge

My comcast has been "slower than molasses in January" lately.....I need the Minneapolis wireless. You should look into it. It should be available in NE now,but I have not been notified.

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