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Big hoop earrings are "skanky"? You're talking about almost half of my jewelry box there. *shakes fist*

For what it's worth, I vote for sweater one (the white off-the-shoulder one) as the best for you to wear. You would look downright hot in it.


"The V-neck could scream "MOM" with the wrong outfit" -- oh, that's too funny because I thought that's the shirt for me. Since when are big hoop earrings "skanky"? I vote, too, for the white off-the-shoulder.


I mention my parents in my sex column last week and I get heat for calling hoop earrings skanky? Sheesh. I did it for Marchelle, anyway, who always comes through with the comment whenever she sees me and I'm undoubtedly wearing big hoops.


Hey! I never said it was skanky.

I only said that huge hoop earrings are one of the hallmarks of true sluttiness. Not everyone who wears them is slutty, but you won't see a slutty gal without them... and I also own several pairs.


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