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Sorry to read your not feeling well. I own a wellness center on 54th and Lyndale called "Praxis Healing Arts". Come on in when you are feeling up to it and I'll give you $10 off a massage or acupuncture. That goes for anyone else who mentions your blog till the end of November. Online booking is available.
Get well keep up the good work!

Sarah Buckley

I had the best costume trick or treating at my house last night...some kid who I would normally think to old to beg candy off me had on a perfect storm trooper costume. It looked as if he had spent months creating this master piece...I told him it kicked ass and gave him huge a pile of candy...then I thought should I say kick ass to kids....ah heel yeah it was RAD.


Sounds like influenza! If it is still within two days of onset of symptoms, you might still get some benefit from a drug called oseltamivir (Tamiflu). Ask your doctor...Otherwise, liquids, rest, rinse, lather, repeat. Not to be that guy but...maybe the flu shot next year?

PS: Your column is the Funniest. Thing. Ever.

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