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If you missed it in the comments of yesterday's post (by the way, I'm no longer dying- I think), Praxis Healing Arts in south Minneapolis is offering $10.00 off any massage or acupuncture treatment through the month of November for anyone who mentions this blog. Thanks guys, very nice of you!

Do they give happy endings?

I mean for the acupuncture, not the massage.


No "Happy Endings" Here but you will be happy and feel great. You can read an article about us in the November issue of Twin Cities Business magazine. page 27 or online at "www.praxishealingarts.com" or "citysearch.com." Thanks


They do a piece on sex, and spend it mostly talking to old ladies and uggos? WTF? You had like, only ten seconds. Biased reporting, man. Bernie Goldberg was right.


I thought the KARE bit was rather shallow (I don't know why I expected more from a puff piece), but congratulations for the plug.


FYI Brian Zepp (the pervert on the KQ morning show) was talking about how incredibly hot you are this morning after they played the Kare 11 segment on air this morning - and drooling about your "sexy lips".


Must... resist... crass... joke...


Of course it was shallow, it's network news. Did you ever catch that story about the camera in the fitting room at the jeans store so people could look at their butts before they buy. I've seen it 2 times on different news programs. It's like the new "water skiing squirrel" story.
But hey, Way to go!

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