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I had no idea there were any Steve and Barry's in the Twin Cities! After hearing about Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line I was wondering if it could really look ok at the prices they charge. Did you see it? And was it decent?
And great shoes, by the way.


Not sure if I'm sold on the silver sneakers, but the other two pair are adorable.

I just wish DSW *ever* had anything nice in my size. :/


Knollwood, Northtown, Brookdale and Burnsville. I always go to Northtown because it's all about demographics.

The Bitten line is pretty good. You can get a feel for it by clicking on the website's link above. The quality is... okay. Expect Forever 21-type quality and sizing. I've been stopping in at S&B for about a year now, and I've gathered that they don't introduce new lines too often, as the stuff that's there now has been there pretty much all year. So I expect the end of this clearance sale to bring in a whole new crop of fashions for 2008.

I can't fit any of the pants at S&B because they're all too short; no matter what style I try, the seams still float around my ankles. I'm 5'10" and don't have that problem with anything else except DKNY.


I'll have to check it out. I have the opposite problem; pants are always too long for me. Anything I don't have to get tailored is a plus.

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