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Jason DeRusha

I'm excited for you. They did such an awesome job on my room. Be prepared for a long AM tomorrow-- we didn't get to leave until around 12:30pm. And we didn't get home until 8:30pm the next day.

The results-- 3 months after they did our room -- are still awesome.


They paying for the mini bar? 'Cause if there's anything left in it after two days, hook me up.


Oh f**k no. Unfortunately, HGTV isn't picking up my hotel tab.


Best video since d**k in a box on SNL. Congrats on your "encounter" with Matt Damon.


Oh, geez, that video was hilarious!!! I've been laughing all day. Also, can't wait to see what HGTV does to your place.

Matthew Hegge

We laughed our asses off at that video!

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