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so, you're saying that I will be able to go to 12th & Niollet and carry out anything that I can get @ the SLP Than Do? O-M-G, best news in ages. I'll be there at least once a week grabbing cranberry curry and/or spanker soup to take home for dinner.


Also, kudos to Tom for making a shrewd business move. Than d's formula, with lower overhead and higher profitability, should help him float more pricey projects ala Temple. Plus, where can you get VG pan-Asian food on East Lake (or in DT for that matter?). I call winner on this one.


This news pretty much makes my day.


Thanks for the scoop.

We are Longfellons, so we were SUPER pumped when we heard about Mix, and were bummed when we heard it was tabled.

We walk past the old Molly Quinn's building frequently and keep asking ourselves "what's gonna happen there??"

Now we know!

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