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Rebecca insists "That's super lame." I just have no way of predicting what the censors are going to find unmentionable from day to day. It could be some staff member (I said "member" and "staff") recently got chastised for combing her significant other's schlong with a double row of shark teeth and decided no one else needed to hear anything about fellatio. She envisioned a week of coming home to have a copy of Vita.mn thrust in her face to the tune of "See! See! This is how it's done!"


I'm still baffled by this arbitrary censoring you've suffered. I think we'd all agree that frank, detailed, easy to find oral sex tutorials may be the only thing that can save the world at this stage.

This person censoring needs to be checked out. Plan a distraction and go through their files. If my hunch is right, your article is buried in a folder called "Whoa. That was close!" along with the cure for cancer and blueprints for a car that runs on salt water and banana peels.


Hey, I'm Alexis' editor. To clarify, the column was not canned or censored. I expect that we will run it in the future. I had some editorial concerns that I wanted to resolve with Alexis to get it up to her usual high level of quality, so I made a late switch. I'd go into more detail, but this is kind of insider baseball.


This has something to do with the Marilyn Monroe BJ footage. Did a billionaire buy the column so he could keep where the sun don't shine?

David Brauer

But, I mean, we're all about insider baseball online, Simon. Another excuse?


I blame Katherine Kersten.

Jim Flynn

Simon, it wasn't canned or censored but you had "editorial" concerns and didn't run it. Is it just me or is that censoring the column?

Insider baseball like we aren't smart enough to understand?


Ha! I love it. The Strib trying to be all hip for The Youth of Today by cribbing Chicago's "Red Eye", but still has to be family friendly.


Censoredited by Simon? Sounds more like insider kickball !


Well, by definition it was canned, censored and edited. And the quality was perfectly fine, unlike the replacement that ran, for which I am still receiving emails and text messages from friends to the effect of "what is this craptastic thing?" If they're saying what's on their mind, I shudder to imagine what the rest of my readers were thinking.


Read the article today. Great work.

Dude, what could they possibly have found to censor from that?


Thanks. What was changed in the column actually had nothing to do with the bullet point how-to.


Free Alexis' Head Guide! It's the right thing for America.


I thought it was pretty hot.

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i think it is very hot.

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