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Babe, I love ya, but it's about time someone said something to you about that lovely, giant, blank white canvas called YOUR FOREHEAD.

Have you seen the before-bangs-and-after-bangs pix of Christina Ricci? 10 years GONE from her age by covering that lightbulb forehead of hers up, honestly.

Consider that you're also a local celeb. You're going to be photographed more than most people, and don't want to be immortalized looking like you're wearing a wig pulled too far back on your head. Having a big ole' forehead isn't a flaw, but isn't exactly an asset you want to showcase, either. Consider this, before you just react.

You are SO gorgeous, but just because a certain hairstyle is trendy doesn't mean it looks good on you. I just want to come over, blow your hair up into something that respectably matches your profession (sex writer), cut you some nice blunt bangs, and kiss the Wednesday Addams look goodbye. I'm not saying 'let's slut you up', but let's at least give that beautiful hair some personality to match your own, and cover up that graffiti canvas above your eyebrows.

Love and kisses,
An agonized old queen


I deleted your double comment, assuming you didn't do so just to drive the point home. I can't really wear bangs due to my hair's texture and the direction in which it grows. Besides, bangs require time for that two-week maintenance trim and the patience to style them correctly (see Gretchen in photo above), not to mention a contingency plan in the summer so the greasy strings don't stick to your forehead. Without those things (which I lack), you end up looking like the unfortunate remainder of chicks with bangs: a mass of accidental lady newscasters.

Max "Bunny" Sparber

Alexis's forehead is magnets.


that lovely, giant, blank white canvas called YOUR FOREHEAD.

I noticed DeRusha's forehead before yours. I wonder what he would look like with bangs.


Okay, now we know. Jason and Alexis, with bangs.


I should've sent you this much earlier, sorry, but here you go.


Thanks! I unlinked because Mr. Moustache doesn't like to be associated with me (something about his pristine reputation).

Girl Detective

I went to Nick and Eddie's recently, and got the butterscotch pudding while my husband got the chocolate roll up. Both were to great. I am trying to rationalize going back multiple times to try their other desserts, and I'll add the panna cotta to the list.

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