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I think they're hot - keep 'em!

Happy Vegan

Keep them,

And did you see this online at City Pages?

Maybe I am stirring the pot?


Yes, I saw that. A little truth inflated to 100 times its size by speculation and Kevin Hoffman's heavy-handed use of adjectives. Further proof that CP has reduced itself to little more than a local gossip rag.

It's a shame that blog post showed up on the same day as the only CP issue most people bother to read anymore.


The shoes that you don't need are always the ones you should keep.


The answer to how many shoes we need is ALWAYS "One more pair than I have."


Great shoes! I remember (before you were born) when I could dance all night in shoes like that!!


Are they real snakeskin?


Definitely not. What I spare the earth in trash plastics I make up for 1% in footwear. At least I get hundreds of uses out of them.


Keep the shoes.

And don't feel any guilt at all about the synthetic material. You're not down with the animal skins and you gotta wear SOMETHING on your feet!

My own Marcos-esque collection of footwear contains both fake and real hides, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The City Pages has a lot of nerve calling Vita.mn a "faux alt."


Personally not a fan of any shoe with an ankle strap, but I love the height and the material. Regardless of whether I think they are cute or not -- ANY shoe that you love that cost less than 50 bucks is worth keeping. :-)

Girl Detective

Nice shoes. And "need" is such a relative term, no?

You can always make them your go-to shoes for the spring and summer, and give 'em away in the fall.

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