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Haugen got recruited to set up a NE community page on the TC Daily Planet. TCDP is essentially just an aggregator of community newspaper stories. Haugen doesn't appear to contribute much anymore, nor do his contributors to NE Beat.

As far as I can find, you're now the leading reporter on Eastside eats and arts.


Who the heck reads TC Daily Planet, anyway? Bring back Haugen.

Dan Haugen

Hi Alexis -- Just came across this ping from way back. Blogger burnout had a lot to do with it, I guess. I was struggling to keep up the site and hustle enough paid writing to get by. I took a part-time contract job with the Daily Planet, where I tried (and mostly failed) to create a similar neighborhood hub there. And now I'm freelance writing, mostly covering business but trying to slip in a Northeaster story here and there when I can. I did set up a Northeast social network on Ning (http://northeastbeat.ning.com). I'm also tagging tweets #nempls. I just renewed the northeastbeat domain, so who knows what happens in the future...

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