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Rich Goldsmith

And blame me for the lousy pics of Jen's jewelry. My photo skills do not pay the bills.


Neither do mine, my friend.

Jason DeRusha

I'm already a proud owner of one of Jen's pieces. It's lovely.


Just FYI. The 331 is also the kick-off point for the semi-annual Nordeast Pub Crawl at 3:31 PM. More info at:


Are you hosting at 331 Club from 2:00pm to 5:30pm only? The main web page seems to suggest that.

Rachel Kramer Bussel

I love the ones on the top left, so pretty, even if it's just (for me) to look at.


Did Kara used to sell her jewelry in the Northrup King Building? The jewelry looks familiar. There was a girl (I think maybe she was a roller girl or some how associated with the roller derby) who used to sell at NK in one of the corner spaces (with a photographer) - I bought of few of her rings over the years (moonstone, butter amber, carneilian) but I've lost her. Any idea who she is or where to find her stuff? Anyone?


But I didn't have to steal them because Kara made me an identical pair... hope the show went well for you girls.

Matthew Hegge

I have never seen so many bikes outside Nordeast bars!!!! It was wild.

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