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Rachel Kramer Bussel

I don't really know his work and thus far have only skimmed Choke, but I can imagine how nervewracking doing this event must have been for you (or exciting/nervewracking). Congratulations - so glad it was a success!


What a great way to spend an evening! Way to go, Lex!! See you in the garden.

Rich G.

Dear lord! Someone actually said something positive about PR types online!

Super sweet to meet Palahniuk though. I've heard he's incredibly nice, and I've heard him do some awesome interviews.


Was there, Good Job Alexis! I won one of the Don Polluck books, which I've now read and it's fantastico.



Thanks Hanson, it's nice to hear from someone that was there. A friend of mine heard a secondhand complaint that I asked too many yes or no questions. Unless you count the segue to asking why he no longer participates in Cacophony Society events, I didn't ask any yes or no questions!


Nope, i thought you asked great questions. Heck, I didn't even know he was in The Cacophony Society. However it was probably the cranky young girl (i'd say lady, but...) that spit on my friend during the show-- as in hocked a loog on my friend's back after I won a book.

Yeah, it was HER who didn't like ur questions... or she didn't like that ur smart... either way, still a great job!

Eda Cherry

Hooray for Alexis! Congrats! But really, I'm not surprised -- I'm sure you were a pleasure to talk to and were extremely well prepared. You're just that kind of lady.


You did well. And I was totally enthralled with (a) Chuck's short story about losing "The Price Is Right" while on acid; and (b) his epic rambly answer to an audience member's question about doing research.

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