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Rich G.

I believe the problem is availability. The supply chain is set up for NYC and L.A., but because sweet plantains are already ripe, they rot in a hurry.


I've had some pretty spectacular fried plantains at Babalu. I don't necessarily see them on the menu now though...


I edited vita.mn's "fried plantain" tag wiki to explain what plantains are for anyone who isn't sure. I also linked to some easy recipes to try at home. Really, all you need is a frying pan and some oil for the sweet ones, adding salt and a lemon or lime if you're frying green plantains.

Since sweet plantains are just ripened green plantains, I'm guessing certain restaurants would have some sweet ones back in the kitchen somewhere if green ones are on the menu. Never hurts to ask.


I actually made sweet plaintains at home last night. It was actually alot easier than I expected--I've had maduros at restaurants that have been dry or hard (mind you, in NYC). Just make sure you keep an eye on the heat! You can buy green plantains and let them sit until they turn black, then fry them (which is why the above supply chain comment kinda doesn't make sense, and why just asking a restaurant if they can whip them up is a good point). I definitely want to check out Puerta Azul and Victor's 1959 Cafe, though...

sarah buckley

Fogo De Chao not good...not good at all!!! Sicker than sick!!! Both Brad and I threw up after.... I have stopped eating meat and this can be directly tied to that evening, that and the needless murder of animals.


As someone who usually goes for and wholeheartedly loves the standard "eggs/hashbrowns/bacon" breakfast, I have to stand up and shout that Victor's is also most excellent for breakfast. Best, if you ARE hesitant to try plantains, the breakfast is served up with food you already know you like. Comfort with a side of courage...can't lose.


Damn, y'alls making me hungry!

I love breakfast at Victor's. Have to return soon. Thanks to Julio for turning us on to Puerta Azul, which I didn't know existed.

Matthew Hegge

I second (or third) Victor's. The first time I went it was such a pleasant surprise and a fun time! Gotta get back there!


West Indies Soul, on Uni, has fried Plantains.


Oh right, I knew that. I had them at the West Indies Soul booth at the State Fair and they were terrible. But, you know, State Fair food is so hit or miss.

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