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Respect. And how perfect was it that they were named Loving?


Now, that's just silly. They'll have cured gay by then. All that stem cell research.


Back in the 60s, my father grew up in a strict, catholic family. He had a brother who was outed because he dated and later married a black woman. Even as I grew up, the family refused to talk about the "black" woman. Very, very, sad.

Sarah Buckley

I am lucky I grew up with a Dad who was arrested marching with Dr King. Both of my parents have always been very racially open and color had never been a issue for them. They do however hate smokers so I can date any person I want but if they were a smoker oh that would not be cool.


Not so much ridiculous as it is just plain gross. And a humbling reminder at just how RECENT that is.

It's sort of ironic that the word "humanity" exists when there is so little of it out in the world.


We have had Gay Marriage In Ontario since 1995 and contrary to what the Neo-Cons and some religions said its still the same place as it was before the only thing that has changed is that two people who are in love who want wed are allowed to if they are the same gender.

Nayana Anthony

I was in an interracial marriage for five years. I can't comprehend that someone could ever tell me that was wrong. Same goes for people who happen to love others of the same gender. How could you stand up and say "you are not allowed to be in love"?


But marriage is always wrong.


I'm with Bexley.

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