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Rabbi Morris Allen of Congregation Beth Jacob in Mendota Heights was featured in the NYT last year for his push to incorporate Social Justice into the existing Kosher Laws.


He recently visited Postville with our Rabbi, and here is a recap along with information on what you can do to help the families.


Rich G.

MPR had a few fairly large features on the raid and its aftermath a while back. It has split factions in the Jewish community too -- fairly interesting stuff.

I'm amazed no one has raided the kiosks at the Mall of America yet, actually. There's a rotating crew of illegal Israelis that man the skin and body care booths up there. They bring a hell of a lot of impressive weed in with them while they're at it.


Those guys have weed?? I suppose that makes sense. That dead sea crap they're peddling is total garbage; the perfect front. So is there a magic word or something? I don't think I've ever tried Israeli weed.


The Minnesota Monitor - now Minnesota Independent - had good coverage.


This was a front page story the day following the raid-- on the business wires.

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