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It took me a few minutes to figure out where this was going. Nice twist at the end. You also managed to pull of the dialogue with Post-its very well. Not bad at all for 48 hours of work!

Funny note: At the beginning, I thought you were eating goldfish! :)


LOL- yeah, next time more close-up shots of what we're doing with our hands.


You brushed your teeth and then ate oranges? Gross!!!

Matt Johnson

*snicker* Nice orange forehead at the end. Now that I say that, maybe I missed something in those 7 minutes of wonderment. :) 48 Hour Film Project is a cool idea!


Very cool, Alexis! And you got to go to bed with Erik! Nice!


That was really clever! I thought you were eating goldfish too for a second... ha! This is totally going in my youtube favorites, like, oh my god! ;-)


It got better and better, then - that twist!
Nice job, I see you wrote it with your fellow actors too.

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