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I was in the same boat about a month ago..couldn't find a used bike, didn't want to spend a lot on a new bike. Ended up getting the Trek 7000, for about $270 at Penn Cycle in Uptown. It's pretty girlie, but beyond that I loved the throw-back look. It's extremely lightweight and easy to disassemble to fit in the truck of my small car. Good luck!


This is where you need to go !! http://www.sunrise-cyclery.com/

Jamie custom makes used bikes based on what you need it for, you height, and how much you want to spend. I'm VERY happy with the bike he made me for $200!

Hannah Valentine

I'll second the referral to Sunrise. Jaime is very cool, knowledgeable and helpful. He'll let you try out your bike for a while, and if you decide you don't like it after a week, he'll take it back, or you can try something else.

Matthew Hegge

My sista-in-law is in that flick! No more really good Mojitos :(


I'm in the movie, too!

Hey Alexis, Goodwill usually has some bikes for sale. You just have to check the stores. It would be a lot less than $200 at least!


Alexis, I'm a blog behind, but a million thanks for mentioning Fat Lorenzo earlier this week. I live in suburbia where Davanni's is fancy pizza. Ran over to Fat tonight and it was fantastic, superb pizza. I am a big Luce fan and this was even better. The service was even top notch.

Have you read My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler? If not, put it on your wish list and I'll comp you one. It's an excellent and funny book and the least I can do for the pizza tip.


we just picked up a bianci strada for kevin at re-cycle for $220... i looked at sunrise last summer, too, and it seemed like they had some good options as well.


Thanks for the recommendations, ladies!

Dave, I'm so glad I've created another Fat Lorenzo's customer! (Although it's not hard once you have that first bite.) Regarding the Wish List: thanks! That's what it's for, that's how it's used.

I tweaked your request slightly and added "Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea." It's been in the Save For Later section of my shopping cart for 2 months.


Regarding your Mom's "down in front" request: I once cleared a 10-year-old kid off the railing at Shea Stadium from 20 rows up. "Hey kid -- move!" The whole section looked around, and the kid moved.

I may have been a bit loud.


I was bummed when I saw your post about Cafe Havana. My favorite place for a late night mojito and civiche. I also heard Campiello's in uptown is closing June 22nd. Turns out the landlord that owns Campiello's building wants the space back to start his own restaurant.

Nayana Anthony

Holy Jeebus, you're friends with Kara? I work with her! Just bought earrings from her a couple days ago. Highly recommended, by the way.


Hey Dave, thank you so much for the Amazon love. You came through and then some. Thanks!

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