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I may have a black thumb; my dill didn't fare so well.


If it makes you feel any better, my cilantro (an alleged lover of warm, dry soil) just up and died on me very recently.


Oh, Lex, I think all those peppers in my garden are serrano...


If they're 50% smaller and 100% hotter than the jalapenos, then they're serranos.

Sarah Buckley

Oh It is beet season!!!! I just made beet risotto with tons of garlic and then blue cheese on top... yes I know it is 90 degrees out! I still loved it! I also am swimming in grape tomato. You know where I live come grab some they are in the back next to the house.


I'm up to my eyeballs right now in cucumbers, and my gajillion grape and roma tomatoes are about to be fully ripe any minute now.

Aside from eating the cucumbers plain on salads, or sliced up into a particular side-dish of their own, I've tried some new recipes via Epicurious: 1) Cucumber Goat Cheese Spread (YUM! - excellent with baked pita chips); and 2) Cold Cucumber Avocado soup (meh).

I've made cold cucumber soups in the past that were pretty good, but this recipe wasn't so hot. However, I found a way to salvage the end result: using it as a sauce over spicy foods in lieu of sour cream...it's equally refreshing, and gives it a little extra kick and dairy-free flavor.

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