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To those in the know: yes, it would involve "THE" salsa verde.


Ah, the Flame. I was just there a few days ago for dinner after a late night at work. Best restaurant in Hilltop!


I challenge the gastro-geographers out there to name another Hilltop restaurant.


Uh, yeah, i have inside info on the salsa verde too. and ya know what? Fuck hilltop. I 'll take sweaty ass luis straight out of the kitchen any day. He's that big of a pimp.


Geez, sorry I didn't get to Europol before it closed... Holy Land overrated? No way! Love Crescent Moon pizza and Fat Lorenzo's (your dad's favorite) and, if I remember correctly, homemade sauces at Donatelli's - darn, wish I didn't have to drive all the way to the cities for dining-out options...

Rich G.

Pizza Luce is the number one overrated place in the metro. I'm sorry, they burn the garlic in the sauce every damn time, the crust is sad, and the cheese is pretty low grade.

Places that need more press? The Wienery. Meritage. Obento-Ya. King's Korean. Pho-Tau Bay. Brickhouse BBQ. And Sauced.


Underrated: Barbary Fig.



Adelita's, Pancho Villa, Nala Pak (Is that considered Hilltop, or Columbia Heights?) Great Dragon, Fresh Wok

The rotisserie chicken at Holy Land owns me...


I like Frost. Sure, there are better out there, but it is a nice spot.

Also missing from your list:
Ferns (just down the block from Frosts), The Black Sea, The Nook, and the Tin Fish.

As for way overrated, Mavericks (up in Brooklyn Park).


Is Dong Yang in Hilltop...if not, it's damn close. and I don't get into this whole overrated or underrated...just like Duke Ellington said about music, "there are 2 kinds of restaurants...ones I like, and ones I don't". Dong Yang is most definitely the latter. Their seafood crepe thingy is one of the single best dishes I have had in this town.

Girl Detective

Emily's Lebanese doesn't seem to get the love it deserves.


Hilltop is only a few square blocks, and Flameburger is the only restaurant in it- hence my stating it's the best restaurant in Hilltop. Though, that laso make sit the worst restaurant in Hilltop.)


Eva's closed? Very disappointing. I recently moved from that area, i may have been the reason they stayed open for the past month.

Nayana Anthony

Word to Uncle Franky's.

Sarah Buckley

Ok Ok I will brief you...we heard bistro...I had heard slice of pizza and I almost shit I have been dreaming of that... but then they decided Bistro.... so if you are reading this people opening that place please note slice of pizza would go like hot cakes!!!
You need to open the Sexican soon.... loungy and hot and yummy food!!!! We need to location scout....Northeast is a must!!!

Sarah Buckley

Ops I was speaking of the Eva's space...


Two personal favorites:

Fat Nats in Crystal and just opened in Brooklyn Park. Best omelet/breakfast in town

Wallys in Bloomington. Love the blue plate.


Additional love for Wally's... Although ever since the ownership change a few years ago the ambiance was utterly destroyed by remodeling and the place closes down way too early in the evening.

Still, a great spot for lunch if you happen to be in Bloomington on a weekday.


Ooo... special sub-category: Breakfast food.

Most overrated: Mickey's Dining Car.
Most underrated: Al's Breakfast.


The most under rated restaurant in the city is a joint called T's Place. It's a new fusion restaurant that blends Asian food with Ethiopian spices. It's like a carnival going on inside your mouth! When I bite into the spicy noodles, it makes me wanna cry it's so good! And every single time I go in there, the place is empty. It's on East Lake Street in Minneapolis!!


Isn't Tasty Pizza in Hilltop? I would put that as a tie with Flameburger as best Restaurant in Hilltop.


The Barbary Fig is underrated. Frost's and Heartland are overrated. I have no strong opinions about restaurants on the other side of the river -- which means I need to get more.

Bill Lindeke

Props for the Flame.

Bill Lindeke

But, oooooo... the Flame I'm thinking about is in Little Canada. Are there two?

Aaron Vehling

Don't tell people about Dong Yang. I want it to maintain the feel of the real Korea I know and love.

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