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Plus- it's in Uptown. Ew.


It has been years since I "did" the Uptown Art Fair - I still have some pottery and jewelry purchased 30 years ago. Sounds like it has gotten so big that people like me who have to drive a distance won't be able to see everything in one day -- kind of like the Renaissance Festival. Maybe they should just move it all to the fairgrounds!


I haven't been to the Uptown Craft Bazaar since I was arrested there in 1993. Whee!


I have HATED the Uptown art fair for 2 decades. I work Uptown and all the art fair does is keep my customers away. Not to mention the traffic, the garbage, the drunks peeing on the lawn and the completely fugly crap they try to pass off as "art". Move the whole thing to Lake Calhoun or forget it.

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