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I never made it through all 6; I actually only managed to eat three. Felicia wanted nothing to do with the leftovers and The Mexican was at work when I made them.


Sounds like a great substitute; you'll have to keep us posted if you find a better beef substitute that doesn't pose the health risk that slicing Boca patties does.


I once delved into Gimme Lean to use in a pasta dish. It instantly whipped me into a disgusted frenzy the likes of which haven't been seen since Mom was intent on Salmon Loaf once a month. Stuff is weird.


i am quite impressed. good work!


That's just... wrong.


i think it just needed to be seasoned and mixed up like regular ground beef. i've done that to make meatloaf with it before and it came out great.


Looks delicious! Not to mention healthy.


Wow, it's cooking up in here, consider the fact that I am hungry right now. I see what I would do to your little breads, veggie sliders, etc

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