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Taylor sighting!


A rare one. At a Nicollet Mall bar on a Saturday night, no less!

I did forget to mention that the interior of Barrio is quite lovely. It's dark woods and warm colors--we were comparing it to the stark white and icy cool colors of Masa--and the music was nice. The ladies' room is a bit of an ergonomic nightmare, too small to form a waiting line lest you want to stand directly in front of the kitchen's window and your hands almost don't fit underneath the faucet. It's cramped but, hey, it's just a bathroom.

I would like to see a change in the menu color choices though. It's way too dark in there to read red type on black graphics, and even the black type on red paper was difficult. The lighting is great, the menus just need to be reprinted so you can read them without holding a lighter to them or bringing them 3 inches from your face.


my in-laws make that same complaint about reading the menus in dark restaurants. perhaps it's an old age thing? FWIW, my experiences @ Barrio 2x echo yours...service was spotty bordering on indifferent, cocktails pretty damn good and food pretty damn good as well. Pork sopes were unbelieveable.


went for lunch with some coworkers last week and the service was terrible--constantly having to flag down our server for forgotten items, checking on our food order, the bill (despite that our table had been cleared for well over ten minutes), the food was sorta tasty but super skimpy ($4 for a taco with 1 piece of shrimp...c'mon), food all came out at random times and those who ordered enchiladas waited 45 minutes for their dishes. i ordered an old cuban and it was so heavy on the bitters i couldn't even finish it. and the restaurant wasn't even close to full.


Huh, didn't know they started lunch service already. Kudos on ordering rum midday.


I was in there for lunch yesterday with some co workers on our lunch break. I was impressed with the place and how it had changed from being a Dunn Bros to what it is now. After reading the comments above I have to say I did not get that feel with service but then again every server is different I guess. I can not comment on drinks as I had a diet coke only. The food was awesome and very well prepared. Our server Rick was on top of things and was very engaging and made us laugh at the table. There was never a time I was not being asked if I wanted a refill when my glass was just half empty. Maybe the servers that helped the others who commented should shadow Rick and do what he did cause it made all the difference... All and all it was a nice lunch and I went back to work happy and had nothing but good things to say... Kudos Barrio

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