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Doh! I guess I should have read more carefully - it *looked* like pozole from the garbanzo beans and avocado... :-)

I love nopales too.


Well it's easy to get excited about either one! So delicious and good for you.

I ended up making nopales tacos today: boiling the nopales (with serranos for flavor), then sauteeing them with onions, mushrooms and Oaxaca string cheese and stuffing that into warm soft corn tortillas and ladling with hot tomatillo salsa. I also cooked up some Spanish-style saffron rice and refried beans with serranos and garlic.


One of my fonder memories of my childhood was my dad and I picking wild asparagus and rhubarb along the numerous country roads where we lived. I'm thinking I need to can some tomato sauce before it's too late.

James D

Pozole Thursdays, in Zihuatanejo, holy pozole is this the best...Only on Thursdays, at the A la Santa Prisca Pozoleria(large outdoor pavilion)downtown. Chile relleno appetizers & tequila ... If you haven't been here for pozole, you need to go.


Do you need any more serrano peppers? What am I going to do with all of them???


I'll take them Saturday, Mom. I've been using them like crazy. Anything else you've got, too.


I'd love to have your pickled serrano recipe!

Sarah Buckley

We had a little Mexican up in here tonight...all your food talk and a batch of tomatillos from the CSA inspired me. Yummy!!!


Your Sexican is strong, Sarah Buckley.

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