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Sarah Buckley

Ryan and I are going to try out the new place tomorrow for his B-Day.... if you see him on the streets people give him a shout out!! Big 33
I realized that the people who own the new Tai place live up the street from us. They are a nice NE family. Members of the co-op and always at the farmers market on University. I can only imagine they use fresh yummy food to make their dishes. I will report back tomorrow. Since I am off the dead animals I will experience how easy it is to make some stuff vegi. I wish them the best and know they will be busy... cause it is the only Tai place on this side of town... if it is good food they should clean up!!!


I stopped in for some take-away dinner. I was greeted promptly, and escorted to the bar to place my order.

I chose a fried tofu appetizer (Taohoo Tod), a noodle dish (Pad Kee Mao), and a Boylan’s soda while I waited. Service was friendly and quick. All together, my total was under $18.

The tofu had a nice texture. The accompanying sauce was more sweet than spicy. The noodles had an gummy/oily texture in a good comfort-food way. The vegetables in the dish were still toothsome and their flavor distinct from the noodles.

Overall, the spice was lively but by no means “hot”. Next time I might ask for a little more kick. But, I love raw jalapeno and use Tabasco by the spoonful instead of the drop.


Just noticed, on my receipt the noodles are “Pad Kee Meow”. Anyone missing their kitty? :-)

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