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One notch down on the respect ladder for you, champ.

Another delightful recipe and you'll zip right back up though.


I couldn't put "snoozefest" down - there were a couple of tiresome spots in the book - but overall I thought it was hilarious


I had originally typed "stream of self-flagellating consciousness" but changed it to "snoozefest."

The book's occasional sarcasm is appreciated, but I'm on page 267 and still wondering what the point is. A tragedy happened to a child; why isn't that the story? Maybe it gets a little attention at the end?


Alexis, I had the same reaction. I've tried to read it on 3 different ocassions and I finally gave up and actually sold it to a used bookstore the other day. Don't feel guilty if you do the same. He strikes me as a huge bag o' wind with an uncontrollable ego. However, I love McSweeney's.


I thoroughly enjoy his writing voice, so I wasn't really searching for the "point" of the story. I have a friend who thought it was the best book ever and another who could even finish it.

It's my favorite book. But that's just until the Richard Simmons autobiography comes out.


I meant to say "couldn't even finish it".

I guess I won't be winning any writing accolades for my comments.

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