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A few years back my (now husband) boyfriend and I lived and worked on organic farms in Italy. Before the slaughter of my first animal I decided that if it wasn't something I could stomach I had no right to ever eat meat again. We slaughtered a big, some chickens and a rabbit, and while it wasn't certainly something I was used to doing, the farmers all did it very humanely and to this day I eat meat mostly in good conscience. I never buy conventional meat at the grocery store, I try to eat "cruelty free" meat whenever possible, my "go-to" restaurants in the Twin Cities source all of their ingredients locally when possible. I understand your point of view, but not ll meat is bad for you, many farmers are responsible, and I'm pretty sure humans evolved as omnivoresgives me a God complex. I don't think that an animal deserves to die because I like cheeseburgers, but I am ALWAYS thankful when I have a cheeseburger in front of me.

Blake Wanger

Another great way to eat vegetarian and support local farmers in Minneapolis is through farmer's markets. See this post: http://twincitiestourguide.com/2008/09/26/farmers-markets-in-minneapolis/


I purchase grass-fed beef at our local co-op, which comes from local farmers (sorry Alexis).


Hunting as a basic instinct may be justified in case of carnivorous animals just like a soldier who kills enemies while fighting a war. However, killing animals brought up in captivity cannot be considered natural or moral just like the same soldier who killed enemies in war, if he kills the same person when war is not there would be considered as murder. The act of violence can be only justified as long as the purpose behind it is not selfish. Mahatma Gandhi, (it is his birthday today Oct.2) gave definition of morality as the deeds which are done for selfish purpose is immoral. Can human beings with such developed emotional and mental structure fail to see the unethical acts underlying non vegetarianism.


Paul Newman ate meat and put it on the best frozen pizzas ever.

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