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FTR, I inspected the Next patent heels in the store and was certain they were synthetic, but after I wore them I noticed the "leather upper" tag inside the toe. I'm mostly selling them out of guilt.


Just to let you know, some of your postings were flagged for removal.


Fixed. Thanks for letting me know. Ah, the joys of using free Craigslist versus pay eBay.


I lost Craiglist. I'm just too busy having a life and multiple jobs to keep reposting my listings that some hater keeps flagging. Lesson learned: anonymity is sometimes better than notoriety.


Wow, that is surprisingly petty... well, not "surprisingly." If someone's got their mind set on being petty, that's pretty much exactly what someone would do.

I'm just surprised that some asshole out there has nothing better to do than focus all harassment upon one person and passively strike at them through so oblique an angle as Craigslist. Or maybe it's just one neutral agent who receives orders and a paycheck from someone who bears an awfully large grudge, and that's how they can stay home all day and monitor your actions.

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