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Well thanks for the recipes. I was thinking about making something new this weekend and I think Lentil Loaf will be it.


There are very few women from whom I would accept a portion of assed tomatoes.

They exist, but they are very few.


when I want lentils I go to Emily's for mujadara (sp?)


Where do you get your Swiss chard? I've been having trouble finding it.


Actually, I have too, but thought it was a Cub Foods thing. I've made the soup with collard greens instead and, when I made it last night, I just diced up some yukon golds in place of greens.


Thanks for the lentil loaf recipe! I tried it out this weekend, but since I am allergic to nuts, I substituted roasted pumpkin seeds for the pecans. It turned out great. I don't have an immersion blender, but I found it worked well to mix that first batch of ingredients in a food processor (it just barely fit). Yum-may

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