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Nathan Stohlmann

I have exactly the same problem with one of those that I inherited from a gf who had left it on top of a tall bookcase in a mostly dim room so it had actually grown out and _down_. I don't know if this will work for you since mine was still relatively small, but it's gotten a lot better (and much more perky) by putting it on the bottom of a small metal shelf that has small metal bars for the surface and put it right under a window with a fairly large china doll directly above it giving it shade In the ~6 months since it has started to go pretty vertical.

Sarah Buckley

I had the same problem... I put it outside to die.... I actually gave up on house plants all together.... they just get dusty and drop leaves everywhere... and some of mine started to drip this sap everywhere.... I just gave up.


Just trim back the gangly branches/stems to where you want them with some good pruning shears. New leaves will start to grow at the cut in a few weeks. It will take quite a awhile for new stem growth to start though

I would reccomned doing only one at a time, waiting for the new leaf growth before triming the next one.


David is right, AND keep in mind that you can root the trimmings to make new plants! Just stick them in a water vase for a while until they sprout roots.




I havent posted in a long time but I've been checking in! anyways, you've inspired me... I need a plant. LOL. I haven't had one in almost 10 years.... but I guess its about time!


Thanks everyone; sounds like I should hack a stem and see what happens.

Cherish, thanks for checking in. I've been living vicariously through your Mexico vacations!


my shrink has two of these in her office... they have pretty much taken over, with a mission. Hers are not short, cute or bushy. One lives on top of a hihg end table, the other (in the most ginormous pot known to man) sits on the floor. tehre is clear packing tape holding up the branches everywhere. It's ridiculous, but interesting. They add a fantastic sense of character, which is impressive... you know... because they're plants.

Garden Geek

It's prolly getting "leggy" (tall and spindly) because it's not getting enough light. I have one that gets spindly after being in all winter, but once I put it outside in the balzing sun in the summer, it gets full and bushy. Yes, you can trim it to keep it from getting too leggy, but it'll probably keep behaving that way until you can get it outside. Also, I'd recommend repotting and fertilizing in the spring because that's when plants are getting ready to strut their stuff. Giving plants fertilizer tells them it is time to grow and maybe get lucky and reproduce, which should be in the spring, not winter, because they'll have access to more optimal growing conditions (light, temps, etc.).

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