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I should add that I've been Netflixing Battlestar Galactica which probably isn't helping with productivity.

John Carrier

I'm only giving homemade gifts this year. Luckily for my loved ones, I make beer at home.


Yeah, we're going to try the name-exchange program again, where you just buy for one person instead a glut of excess consumerism spread thinly over a large group. The latter way is a hard habit to break, but our current administration has established a context of dire incentive.


I'm feeling pretty crafty this year too. Lucky thing, that... I used to be all over it, and then I had a few years of that aweful, last minute, buy-whatever-since-I'm-too-busy-to-think business.

This year I've been doing a lot of crochet stuff, and will probably utilize the cookies/bars/candies-in-a-pretty-box gift plan as well.

Oh, and I've found another cool gift idea too! It has limited applicability, admittedly... but I'm doing a lot of house-(and neighborhood) history research, and plan on giving gifts of old (framed) photos of peoples' homes, businesses, and/or neighborhood scenes.


I'm only buying for the godkids and my own spawn this year. I normally give a tin of homebaked goodies to clients, and I think I'll be doing the same for a handful of close friends.

It's hard to accomplish anything when you're drawn into the brilliance that is BSG.


Me and the wife have been toying with the idea of a no gift Christmas. I feel horrible about it though, because I know that we could stick to it, but the rest of the family would not. Then we would feel like jerks. If I could do anything crafty, that would be an option, but I don’t. Maybe I can start a gift giving tradition called “things I found on the street; from me to you.”


I've always struggled whether to recommend that one watches BSG: Razor before the first season, or in the order they released it between 2.5 and 3.

We're doing "family" gifts this year, mostly because we're buying a new house, and have another kid coming shortly.

Sarah Buckley

I can't say this any cheeper but I have for the last few years been giving to different charities in honor of my family members. Example my cat loving brother and his girlfriend, I donate to the Albuquerque Humane Society where they got their cat. I still get stuff for the little ones. At least I reduce my consumer madness that has surrounded our Holidays for way too long.


This post just inspired me to ask my family and inlaws to do a name exchange for gifts. My in-laws tend to go way overboard on the presents and we always go home with bags full of crap that we don't need. I hope everyone goes for it. It would be nice to do less shopping and less spending.



my family is not exchanging gifts this christmas. in fact, we never do.


I think a lot of people are doing the "Kids only" holiday. The other option is to lean toward, buy local, buy handmade. You get a higher quality product, reduce your carbon impact and support local artisans. What could be better than that? Here is the Minnesota 2020 Buy local gift guide http://tinyurl.com/5bh4t9. You can also go to Etsy and click the shop local link http://tinyurl.com/6jvg2y. Happy Handmade Holiday!


I am making my husband a quilt out of his old concert T-shirts, not as hard as I thought it would be. Plus cookie trays with over a 1 1/2 dozen kinds of cookies to friends.


I am making my husband a quilt out of his old concert T-shirts, not as hard as I thought it would be. Plus cookie trays with over a 1 1/2 dozen kinds of cookies to friends.


I've always enjoyed receiving the cookie tray, though I've never quite been able to commit to making them. Perhaps this year.

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