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I was really sad to see that Colombia grounds closed. My Dad used to play there on the occasional Saturday mornings with his band. It was a great place to grab some coffee and sit outside near the water fall.


So now the chicken is not a surprise.


The Giant Chicken, Barley Johns on cty rd D (The old A&W in New Brighton) the same guy that sold at Columbia Grounds sells there also.
They Coffee Shop is reopening under the name of Lily's - I think opening soon. I am not for sure the sculptures with still be available there.
Worth a look at A!


I also saw a giant chicken at the State Fair but stupidly did not write down the name of the woodworker who makes them. I'll find him when the time is right. Thanks, Jerry!

The big chicken was too big of a surprise to hold inside any longer. When I can finally buy him, I'll be so f**king excited.


One of dem chickens sits at the farmrs market on Lyndale


Yes! I have seen my big chicken there, too. He lurks all around the Twin Cities, he's everywhere all at once, he watches you while you sleep. He's like Santa, really.

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