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I'm working on it, but right now, it's been enough of a challenge getting my sweet but so very wasteful roommate on board the regular recycling train. It's taken me a year as it is just to get her to break down cereal boxes.

Blissful Bath is locally owned and operated, with a retail outlet in Woodbury; I find that I like their products even more than Lush, and they're comparatively priced.

http://www.blissfulbath.com/ (because I'm too lazy to try to remember how to do html hyperlinks)


You do that like this. And thanks for the link, I'd forgotten about that place, probably because, yes, the store is in f&*@ing Woodbury. Ordering online looks easy, though.

Ask your roommate where it is she thinks all of her garbage ends up, especially the plastic, when she throws it away. Ask her if she's comfortable with the thought of leaving a trash legacy to her daughter's generation. Or what kind of environmental responsibility she's teaching her daughter. My favorite, which I posted about recently on vita.mn, is asking yourself 5 questions each time you make a purchase:

What materials were used to make it
Who made it
How many resources did it take to get to you
How long you'll have it/what value will it add to your life
What becomes of it when you're done

The author of the book that asks those questions was asking them in regards to her own excessive spending, but I think they also apply to how much waste we generate by not making conscientious shopping choices and just by consuming in general.

Sarah Buckley

Refills??? I don't have them but I can order really big sizes so you go through alot less bottles in a year.Also the Pureology bottles can be recycled with the city of Minneapolis. You have inspired me to be better about waste!!

Mindful Momma

just discovered your website thru Twitter. Love it! I write about getting rid of plastic and other adventures in living green on my Mindful Momma blog. I'm a mpls gal too! look forward to reading more...


Hey Alexis, thanks for the reminder about recycling and plastic waste. I am diligent about recycling anything that St. Paul will pick up curbside, but I've still been tossing yogurt containers and takeout boxes. Glad to know that I can recycle those too now. Do you know what the energy cost is for recycling plastic vs. glass? I'm just thinking about the standard products that I buy that come in plastic but are available for more $ in glass. I'm planning on leaving my job to go to vet school so I'm pinching pennies too. If I'm recycling plastic and glass, does it matter which one my peanut butter comes in? I suppose it probably does, since melting down plastic has got to be more toxic than melting down glass.


Congrads on Vet school! When do you start?


Thanks Sparky! I'm applying this summer for (hopefully!) admittance in Fall 2010. 3 more pre-requisite classes to take!


Kool K-Grrl you can do it!

Here is my plastic comment - Doggie bags in the parks.

I walk around Como a few mornings a week and/or downtown to the high bridge and back. I see tons of plastic bags being used for dog stuff.

Lets come up with an better option for dog owners.

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