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So this is the first, and maybe the last, time I've ever used the "Web/Tech" blog category.


Sucks that you were having problems with your phone. I've heard nothing but great things about the Blackberry Curve...hopefully i have enough money to get one in the near future.

nice blog you have here.


I tried your G1 that you brought back - it was your phone. It would not pick up the 3G network like it was suppose to. Minneapolis/St.Paul is in the 3G network and all over the area - for some reason your phone was a dud!
I think you will be really happy with your curve - any problems with it you let me know!

Chet Kuhn

The G1 is pretty much a proof-of-concept phone for the Android operating system anyway, and I was shocked that T-Mobile decided to release it as a consumer product. It is a highly prized phone for developers and tech-geeks who like to tinker with new technology, and the Android operating system will be ubiquitous within a couple years, but for now your experience is unfortunately the rule rather than the exception.

Good choice on the Curve. I'm a total phone geek, and I've never found a product I like better. When/if you start getting the "java exception" errors, give me a shout. I think I've discovered the work around, although no amount of web searching seems to be able to confirm what I did...

Rich G.

Weird. I preordered a G1 and haven't had any trouble that hasn't been solved by just rebooting it. And that's only once every other day.

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Thanks for the review Alexis. I've been looking at the G1, but your report has convinced me that maybe I should wait for V2.0. Not that I need 80% of the features, but who can pass up new gadgets?


Ever since biting the bullet and buying an iPhone, I've become every bit the insufferable ass that every other iPhone owner is. I love this little gizmo!


In everyone's (Providers) haste to compete with the iPhone, there is a lot of crap hardware out there. I want an iPhone, but do not want AT&T...soooo, much waiting until the AT&T dealeo with Apple expires. Good luck with T-Mobile (Terrible-Mobile)


I was one those people who pre-ordered a T-Mobile G1 (Google Android) phone last year. I ended up returning it with T-Mobile's 14-day full-refund return period for a bunch of reasons. But, the main reason had nothing to do with the G1.

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