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There's plenty of great R&B out there. It's just not getting the same attention that it use to. Pick up some Jill Scott, Algebra Blessett, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq, Jazmine Sullivan, India Arie, Bilal, Jaguar Wright... (and many more). All have been making great music in this decade. I just moved her to Minneapolis from Atlanta and have noticed that these artist are completely missing from the radio here, but there out there if you go and find (download) them.


One other thing - you can't really have a top ten baby making list (especially if we're going 90's) without some Jodeci.


Damn- Jodeci. Nice call.

Thanks for the list, I'll start searching. There are never any divas on my TV, either (video channels, etc.), so I was really getting paranoid that R&B was dead.


Um, may I suggest PM Dawn? I mean, maybe it's 'let's make up, I'm so sorry baby' tender, love-makin', baby creatin' music, but it totally qualifies...

jon jon

R&B, ribs and biscuits, does a body good, R&B is still great, so of us have simply grow older.


There is an amazing album by a pair of white funk artists called The National Trust. The album is called Dekkagar -- http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/2993907/a/Dekkagar.htm.

And it's on its way to you.


R&B (Soul,Neo-Soul, etc.)is where most of the consistently good artists, lyrically and musically, are right now. Someone mentioned Bilal -- Both of his albums (one of them, "Love for Sale," was not released for various reasons but you can find the whole thing online - it fucking jams, slowly and otherwise-ly) are brilliant from start to finish -- also look for his cover of High and Dry - best Radiohead cover I've heard. D'Angelo's Voodoo is one of the best albums of the last 20 years (and he's supposed to finally drop his third album this spring). Raphael Saadiq just released "The Way I See it" if you're looking for more of a throwback to older Motown stuff (though his other stuff is much better). Dwele and Musiq, who are still doing 90s-ish stuff. Also, one diva that Vanessa didn't mention up there is Tweet. Also, check out www.myspace.com/freddysphere - I just found this guy through D'Angelo, although most people I try to push him on can't get over the fact that he's french and white -- it is, however, smoov. Okay I'll stop now.

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